Monday, 17 March 2014

ORIGINAL Raplh Lauren Big Pony Ladies Fragrance

ORIGINAL Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrances up for grab !!

I have a few of these in stock. 

Each box comes with a lotion and perfume :-
Eau De Toilette 100ml
Hydrating Body Lotion 200ml

Store selling price is RM260. 
However, I'm letting go of these at RM190 each.
Email me at for more imformation.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Came to know about his death tru the posting on FB yesterday
It is really saddening as we lost the visionary
who invented gadgets that changed everyone's life

Looking back at his history, He too suffered a lot
before becoming famous and rich
He slept on the floor in his friend's room,
He exchanged cola bottles in return for meals
He walks 7 miles to a temple for a good meal once a week,
He got fired from the company he founded
He was rejected and yet,
He said it was the best thing ever happened to him ..

The speech He gave at the Stanford graduation was truly inspiring

I'll quote a part of it here

" Your time is limited,
so don’t waste it living someone else’s life
Don’t be trapped by dogma
which is living with the results of other people’s thinking
Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice
And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition
They somehow already know what you truly want to become
Everything else is secondary "

I first came to know about him during the launch of iPhone
It was the phone everyone is after
then He introduced iPad,
even though market analyst said nobody needed it
but He insisted on launching and prove that He is right
He once said that ppl wont know what they want
until u show it to them
and He proved how true that statement is

He passed away a day after the launching of iPhone 4s.
It seems that He wanted to make sure Apple is in good hands
before He bade farewell.
Rest assured Steve Jobs, Apple will be taken care of
by the talented guys you yourself hand-picked and trained.

After battling cancer for 7 years, and sad to say He lost the battle
but glad that now, He's in a better place with God

R.I.P Steve Jobs ..

You'll be forever remembered

Monday, 3 October 2011

Platinum Victory PV13

After waiting for 3 years
Finally, gotten the key to house in Setapak PV13
Though keys given, but still without electricity and water at this moment ..
Will upload a few pictures of the environment and facilities in the condo first
The entrance leading to the condo. At least we have a guard house :)
The swimming pool ~
More to come soon ~

I'm back ~!

Dear Friends ~!!
I'm back to blogging again ~!!
Will update more in the next post ~!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Lunch at Jurong Point ! (5th Post)

Ytd i went out to meet up with
my cousin sister 'Chooi Fun' and her husband
Since her parents came to Singapore,
we went out to have lunch together
She brought us to Jurong Point to shop for some stuff for her parents
and the we went to 'Din Tai Fung' for lunch
She ordered so many stuff that we couldnt finish it ..

This is called 'Xiao Loong Bao'.
This bao is made from pork and the skin is very thin..
You must use a dessert spoon to take it
otherwise, the soup in the bao will leak
She called 2 type of 'Xiao Loong Bao'
There's original 'Xiao Loong Bao' and 'Crab flavor Xiao Loong Bao'
'Xiao Loong Bao is eaten together with vinegar and ginger'
This one is 'Prawn Dumpling'. This one too had some soup inside it ..
The prawns were very fresh ..
The cloth underneath is to keep moisture of the baoz ..
so that it doesnt dry out

This is the combination of 'Ha Gao' and 'Siew Mai' ..
Which means it has pork and prawn in it ..
But they separated it
by putting the pork in the bottom and prawn on top
This is not so nice as the skin is too thick ..
Other than that, it is quite tasty !



BBQ on the 9th Jan (4th post)

After coming back from Pantai Remis,
we took out all the bbq equipment n started washing all the required things

I was left alone as everyone went to do their own stuff ..
My bro ' B chai' n cousin 'Ah Chin' were in the kitchen
preparing and serving the food.
We had prawns, fishes, squids and hotdogs

Noone elses was around..
They were either playing with the children or watching tv
the moment everything was ready ..
they'll come out automatically

Everyone then started to take whatever they wanna eat

But this 'Xiao didi' (small kid) is the fastest of all ..
He was the first person to start bbq-ing his hotdog

The prawn is XL size .. it is even larger than the fish ..

Thats my prawn n fish !!
But honestly, in my opinion bbq seafood is better than Chicken wing

My cousin bro 'Ah Keat' was seen stir-frying
some squid with its black squid ink ..
Although it looks disgusting but the taste isnt bad at all !
I tried the same thing but what i did was to
stir-fry prawns with sambal chilli and onions ..
Lets try doing that again during Cny .. It was really fun !



Pantai Remis trip to grab seafood !! (3rd post)

On the 8th of Jan, received a call that
my cousin bro n auntie from kl was in ipoh.
Therefore, my uncle brought them along
to Pantai Remis to grab 'cheap' (i disagree) seafood

The one on the left is my cousin bro 'Kok Foo'.
The one at the back is my 'jiu jiu'
the one on the right is my 'ah yi' ..

You grab wadeva that u wan n then u bargain a bit ..
We went 2 places to grab diff seafood ..
They oni sell to ppl that they know ..
Meaning stranger cant buy from them
These seafood are meant to b exported out of Msia ..
Luckily, we have relative in Pantai who brought us around

This is the result from 1st stop ..
We bought squid, prawn and some fishes
and then we receive a call that the ship was on the way ..
so we went to the next place b4 all the seafood sold out

This is how they show u wad they've got ..
You choose n pick wad u wan n hand over to the staff

This is my favorite ! Gigantic squid ..

Staff were sorting out the fishes, prawns, squids etc

Sometimes u'll get unexpected 'visitor', that day was these 5 stingray

We bought some of these for bbq ..

and after choosing, tada ! hand it to them ..

This is wad they call Pantai fish ..

All these are to b exported to China

Cant believe this when i was told tat each fishing ship can cost up to 100k each

We ended up buying 2 boxes full of seafood